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Updated: May 6

In the past decade, cannabidiol (CBD) has rocketed from the back-burners of scientific study into the mainstream kitchens, medicine cabinets, and maybe even the skincare routines of people around the world. Folks are using CBD to treat anxiety, headaches, appetite issues, and now, skin problems. CBD skincare is everywhere right now, and with its track record of benefits, we can understand why.

In this post we're taking a look at a line of products from KUL CBD that you can find on our store shelves. We'll be talking about how what CBD is, how CBD can benefit your skincare routine, KUL CBD's commitment to quality products, and details about the specific products you can find in our stores.

Let's jump right in.

What Is CBD?

Before we jump into specifics on the benefits of CBD skincare, let's get specific about what CBD is. According to PubChem, "Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid derived from Cannabis species, which is devoid of psychoactive activity, with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and chemopreventive activities." ...Huh?

The Breakdown:

  • Psychoactive — of a chemical substance, causing changes in nervous system functions that result in altered perceptions, cognition, consciousness, or behavior

  • Analgesic — referring to a drug, the quality of pain relief

  • Anti-inflammatory — about half of analgesic drugs are anti-inflammatory; they relieve pain by reducing inflammation

  • Antineoplastic — anti-cancer drugs; chemotherapy

  • Chemopreventative — chemopreventative agents actively prevent the development, growth, and spread of cancerous cells

So, CBD is part of the cannabis plant, it won't alter your consciousness, it offers anti-inflammatory pain relief, it can be used to treat already occurring cancerous cells, and it can be used in the prevention of cancerous cells before they even occur. I mean, what is this stuff, magic?

Well, kind of. The benefits of CBD are pretty extensive, and that certainly extends into the skincare arena.

CBD Skincare Benefits

Reduces Inflammation & Dryness, Improves Elasticity & Aging

One of the biggest reasons that CBD is effective in skincare is how it functions to control inflammation. This has been well-known as the reasoning CBD is helpful in treating pain — because it reduces inflammation in the body. In a skincare routine, CBD works similarly. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system when applied to skin to actively reduce inflammation. This results in reduced redness and an overall more even skin tone.

For conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, CBD can be helpful to reduce itchiness, as well. Itching caused by these conditions is usually due to dryness, and CBD applied topically — as in a face cream — has been shown to reduce dryness. Other studies have shown that CBD in topical treatments improves measures of skin hydration by both actively moisturizing and preventing water loss, and causes improvement in skin's elasticity. Oftentimes for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, steroid creams are prescribed to treat the associated inflammation; CBD products can be a non-steroidal alternative to these medications.

Beyond your skin care worries of this current moment, CBD can be beneficial for your skincare routine in the long-term. Inflammation is the cause of all skin disease, including aging. Continuously using CBD products to reduce inflammation over time can lead to a better appearance of your skin as it ages.


The mission of KUL CBD is to calm, impress, and immerse.

The products are infused with high-quality whole ingredients which are carefully sourced, scientifically formulated for your overall wellness, and perfectly balanced and formulated to heal, calm, and soothe your face, body, and mind.

Below are some of the wonderful products from KUL CBD you can find in our stores.

Exfoliating Cleanser

This sulfate-free, polishing cleanser combines the purest quality Full Spectrum CBD with Apricot Seed to gently exfoliate & remove makeup, oil & dead skin cells to reveal healthy, radiant-looking skin. You can feel this cleanser moisturizing your face as it cleanses, instead of stripping your natural oils, and the apricot seeds gently remove dead skin. The blend of apple and green tea extract give this cleanser a deliciously crisp smell.

Glö Serum

Light, repairing oil synergistically blends 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD, balancing probiotics, hydrating omega-3 fatty acids & antioxidants to rejuvenate & radiate all skin types. This silky-textured oil is made with rose extract and milk thistle, giving it a light and airy floral aroma.

Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Rich in antioxidants, this lightweight moisturizer combines 200mg of Full Spectrum CBD with a power-blend of Micro-Algae & probiotics to provide hydration & anti-aging benefits to enhance your skin’s natural radiant glow.

Night Repair Moisturizer

Deeply nourishing & restorative moisturizer infused with retinol, double the probiotics & micro-algae to promote the skin’s natural renewal process & make the skin look & feel fresh, healthy & youthful.

CBD Skincare: Benefits & Product Highlight, KUL CBD — A Final Word

As the cannabis field advances and we understand more and more about how compounds like CBD interact with our bodies, more products are available as whole and natural solutions to age-old problems. And we do love to see it! CBD skincare is wonderful to add to your routine to combat redness and inflammation, itching, dry skin, and the effects of aging. If you've got questions we didn't answer about CBD skincare, benefits, or when you're ready to explore our wide array of products — come on into any one of our 7 Mr. Nice Guys locations throughout Corpus Christi and talk to our knowledgeable staff. And as always, have a nice daze!

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